At Blazing Saddles our workshop has three levels of services and a range of individual prices to cover all your bikes needs.

Still need to get where you’re going after you’ve dropped your bike off for servicing. You can use one of our hire bikes at no extra cost.

Basic Service £35

For a new or well maintained bicycle, or one you’re just dragging out of the shed. The basic service will get your bike up to scratch.

General Service £65

For a well used bicycle which gets used day in day out and needs a deep clean.

Complete Overhaul £95

Nothing feels right. My bike deserves this.

Brakes inspected for wear, checked
and adjusted.
Gears inspected for wear, checked
and adjusted.
Tyres & Tubes inspected for wear
and inflated.
Nuts & Bolts all checked and tightened
to recommended torque.
Controls all checked and aligned.
Wheels inspected for wear, checked
and aligned if necessary.
Frame & Fork inspected and cleaned.
Drivetrain inspected for wear, removed,
degreased and re-fitted.
Headset removed, inspected for wear,
de-greased and re-fitted.
Wheel Hubs disassembled, inspected,
degreased and reassembled.

Other Services

Brake Service – £9
+ £4 for hydraulic brakes
Gear Service – £18
+ £2 per for part fitting & £7 for electronic groupset
Bottom bracket Service/Fitting – £15
Headset Service/Fitting – £15
Wheel True – £10 per wheel
Add £4 for broken spokes
Wheel hub Service – £9 per hub
Tube & tyre Fitting – £5 per wheel
Any component Fitting – £9 per component
Drivetrain Degrease – £20
Bike Clean – £30
Any accessory Fitting – £4 per accessory

Part costs not included in any of the prices above.